Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a state-of-the-art cloud native technology that helps you see and stop cyber threats before they cause harm. Our Gold certified experts are ready to transform the security of your operations.

What is Azure Sentinel?

Microsoft Azure Sentinel reduces the pressures of increasingly complex cyber-attacks.

It subdues the rising volumes of alerts and extended time frames, all in one exceptional solution – delivering a comprehensive view across your enterprise.

Understanding Microsoft Azure Sentinel

The cloud is transforming how our leading companies and organisations operate. Like all new technologies, though, it comes with new risks. CTOs and other tech professionals understand that security solutions developed for the pre-cloud world are never going to be a match for these new threats. That’s why Microsoft has developed Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native solution for security information and event management (SIEM).

UK’s leading Microsoft Azure Sentinel Partner

Based on large-scale artificial intelligence emerging from decades of research at Microsoft into emerging security threats and solutions, Azure Sentinel underpins the next generation in Security Operations Centre (SOC) services for the cloud. And as the UK’s leading Microsoft Azure Sentinel Partner for the mid market, and an established SOC service provider in its own right, Comtact is ideally placed to help you make the most of it.

How Comtact uses Azure Sentinel to keep your organisation secure

Option 1. Installation support and consultancy

We can help ensure a successful installation by pulling together all your security platforms and threat intelligence, so Azure Sentinel becomes a data lake map of your entire security infrastructure, supporting compliance, logging, threat hunting and automated activities.

Option 2. Microsoft Azure Sentinel as a managed service

Alternatively, we can take on all the heavy lifting by running Azure Sentinel on your behalf to provide thorough estate coverage. Our ‘Expert level’ Azure engineers and security-cleared team use advanced analytics and runbooks based in Azure Sentinel to perform advanced threat hunting and detection in our UK-based 24×7 Security Operations Centre, so you can have complete peace of mind.

Explore Azure Sentinel SOC and MDR

Why partner with Comtact for Azure Sentinel?

UK’s leading Microsoft Azure Sentinel Partner

Comtact is the UK’s leading Microsoft Azure Sentinel Partner for the mid market. 

Microsoft Azure Sentinel

24/7 Operations

A dedicated security specialist, we work 24/7 to achieve long-term security transformation for our clients.

24/7 IT Helpdesk & Service Desk Support

Cybersecurity Specialists

We are the experts in using Microsoft’s cloud SIEM to collect data at cloud scale, detect and protect against new and previously uncovered threats, and investigate those threats with AI in order to respond rapidly and effectively.

Cybersecurity Services

Competitive Pricing

As a standing Microsoft Azure Sentinel partner we are able to increase your security at a reduced cost. 


Golden Promise

Comtact is a leading UK based Microsoft Gold partner specialising in cloud and security. Our extensive knowledge of Microsoft, Azure and Azure Sentinel means that you can benefit from the latest technical advances as soon as they become available. This frequently means our clients experience significant productivity gains and cost savings.

“Comtact not only worked with us to deliver a successful implementation project, their experience and knowledge ensured we gained the maximum benefit from our investment, delivering significant additional value.”

Chris Congreve

Information Security Specialist, Currencies Direct

Key Microsoft Azure Sentinel features

  • Limitless cloud speed and scale
  • Bring your Azure and Office 365 data for free
  • Easier integration with your existing tools
  • Faster threat protection with AI by your side
  • No infrastructure set-up overhead/cost or ongoing maintenance
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Scales automatically
  • Pre-wired integration with Microsoft solutions
  • Connectors for many partner solutions
  • Standard log format support for all sources

How does Microsoft Azure Sentinel make a difference to me?

Microsoft Azure Sentinel is the world’s first cloud native SIEM which powers Comtact’s CDC SOC. There are no up-front costs and log consumption is calculated monthly, meaning you only pay for what you consume. Microsoft Office 365 and Azure logs are consumed free-of-charge, plus you benefit from Microsoft’s massive investment in AI and automation. Our aim is to give you the latest technology and best service at an unbeatable price.

Azure Sentinel for the Board

Whether you are concerned about fraud, data theft or the overall information governance risk that comes with your organisation’s dependence on cloud technology, Microsoft Azure Sentinel is the industry-leading solution to detect and protect against any and all cyber threats. 

As well as being a Microsoft Gold partner, Comtact is the UK’s leading Microsoft Azure Sentinel Partner for the mid market, and our focus on that market means we fully understand your needs and budgets. We are also a Government-approved cybersecurity provider, which means you can count on our expertise and trustworthiness alike.


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