Is Windows Virtual Desktop a VDI game-changer?

In a changing world, companies are looking to Virtual Desktops (VDI) to solve remote working challenges. However often come across further challenges such as network connectivity, user experience, functionality and performance issues.

Today, a modern virtualisation solution such as Window’s Virtual Destop (WVD) is more than just a single piece of software, it is considered more of a ‘delivery platform’ comprised of an entire suite that handles the virtual machines along with management and monitoring tools.

In changing times, flexible working is the key to enabling productivity and efficiency gains – controlling costs and adapting to moving business risks.

So is Windows Virtual Desktop the answer for today’s remote working needs?

Windows Virtual Desktop-as-a-Service

Thought you knew VDI?

Unlike solution of old, Windows Virtual Desktop is fast for every user, low cost, rapid to deploy and can be provisioned remotely… Delivered as a fully managed service with support from Comtact’s 24/7 IT Helpdesk.

A high performance VDI solution for technology teams looking to enable flexible remote working solutions.

Low cost and quick to deploy

Remotely provisioned and hosted from Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop delivers a fast, scalable and secure VDI environment for a premium user experience on any device – requiring just a low bandwidth (64Kb/s) internet connection.

With no expensive hardware to procure, configure and manage, let Comtact’s WVD team enable your remote working capabilities – all at a low monthly cost per user.

Why WVD different to any VDI solution?

Not just an fast and smart VDI solution, Windows Virtual Desktop automatically scales with usage, so you only pay for what you use, by the hour – plus includes Microsoft 365 licencing as well as Comtact’s 24/7 support.

Cut costs

Far more cost-effective than a dedicated VDI platform. Quickly enable a fully supported & secure ‘work-from-home’ virtual desktop solution, for a low monthly fee per user, with the option of ‘Pay-as-you-go’ or 12 month contract terms.

Enable productivity

Super simple. Super smart. Comtact’s WVD team will remotely provision your home working capabilities, quickly moving from trial to on-boarding users to reduce time to realise productivity gains.

Trusted & secure

ISO 27001 certified and trusted by some of the UK’s leading organisations, a fully managed service lets you focus on your business, rather than enabling remote working technologies – fully supported 24/7 by Comtact’s experienced NOC team.

Best practice advice

Comtact Ltd. has continued to excel by building long-term trusted partnerships, supporting clients’ long-term best interest. In light of the significant challenges facing many business, we trust you find this guidance useful.

Operating 24/7, our dedicated team of experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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