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Midsize enterprises are concerned about cybersecurity, and rightfully so. As organisations grow, there is more to lose, more to protect, and more to learn.

Companies like yours are focused on governance, tools, processes and people—all while identifying, protecting, detecting, responding, and recovering from daily cyber alerts and incidents. The goal is to strengthen the organisation’s security posture, but the challenge is determining where to start and what will have the greatest impact. With limited internal cybersecurity experts, the best place to start is asking for help.

Benefits of a comprehensive data centre & cloud security strategy

Improved Compliance

Maintain compliance with industry and other regulations such as PCI, GDPR, ISO27001 and others to mitigate risk.

Faster Threat Detection

Close porous gaps in mobile, desktop and cloud computing to reduce attack and insider theft risks with a “zero-trust” environment strategy.

Insider Threat Detection

External attacks garner the most headlines, but a smart security plan helps identify and mitigate insider threats that can be even more damaging.

Improved Availability

Protect the organisation while capacity flexes up and down with 24x7x365 availability and built-in redundancies that help ensure applications stay online.

Real DDoS Protection

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise but advanced cloud security can help stop high-risk traffic aimed at cloud servers.

Better Data Security

Advanced cloud security provides protocols to protect sensitive information and transactions while preventing third party tampering.

Reduced Pre-Exploit Risk

Get better intelligence such as auto-monitoring device configuration, vulnerability testing and predictive threat modelling.

Simplified Operations

Apply intelligent automation to simplify security operations and reduce staff burdens while streamlining operations by eliminating tedious, manual tasks.


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