Cloud Transformation Services

Experience the benefits of modernising your existing applications, VM’s and data to a secure powerful cloud platform. Power your success with increased efficiency and agility.

Assess and manage costs and offer consistent development experience everywhere. Innovate at scale with fully managed serverless solutions and explore the benefits of a single unified data repository with AI and analytics.

Align your IT goals with your business needs

We’re here to meet you wherever you are on your cloud journey. Our experts understand the intricacies of cloud architecture and migration and have expertise in hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. We’ll help you craft the best path forward so you can innovate at scale with the clouds fully managed, serverless solutions.

It starts with an infrastructure readiness assessment

We’ll work with your existing team to assess your current infrastructure, make recommendations for efficient processes and workflows, and help you identify risk and how to avoid it. We’ll ensure cost-optimisation opportunities are captured to align your cloud spend with your business goals. We can help you every step of the way and support you as much as you require.

Architect for the cloud, not just a lift and shift

We don’t just take your existing infrastructure’s design and put it into the cloud. We’re able to create a tailor-made architecture according to your needs and designed within the best practice advice of the leading vendors. The design will ensure that you maximise the benefits of a true cloud environment.

Seamlessly migrate your current infrastructure

Experience the freedom, flexibility, and speed of running your critical workloads in the cloud ― without exhausting your resources.

We’ll help you migrate your infrastructure seamlessly without refactoring or rebuilding applications.

We enable you to maintain operational continuity and leverage your existing investments and tools.

We’ll ensure that the migration and cutover phases all happen with minimal downtime and zero disruption.

Multi Cloud environment

Want your business applications in Azure, Dev Ops in AWS and DR in Google Cloud? We can help. We are able to adapt to deliver a multi cloud environment as our solution, and can create the infrastructure as code – meaning we can provision the service to any cloud to leverage disaster recovery and cost reduction benefits.

Security first approach

As a cloud security provider, we lead with a security first approach and architect the solution to bake in security from the design phase, through enablement to support. Our experts will architect the design always factoring in security as an equal to the cloud design and not come to it as an afterthought.  We utilise the built in security applications of your chosen cloud and combine them with industry leading software solutions to ensure that your cloud attains maximum security compliance.

Cloud management

Once the solution is developed we can provide an ongoing managed service, allowing you to keep your internal team costs down by letting them focus on new projects, whilst ensuring the infrastructure is constantly optimised for performance, cost reduction and security. Our team of experts work around the clock to ensure your cloud solution delivers seamless performance and end user satisfaction.


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