Insider Risk Management

With built-in privacy controls, Insider Risk Management allows you to use native and third-party signals to identify, investigate, and remediate malicious and inadvertent activities in your organisation.

Correlate signals across user activity

Gain broad visibility into user activities, actions, and communications with native signals and enrichments from Microsoft 365, Windows, and Azure—all without agent deployment or complex scripting.

Built-in, customisable machine learning templates

Use built-in machine learning templates, tuned to provide rich insights on various types of risks, out of the box—or customize for your organizational requirements. Leverage machine learning to detect policy violations across Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Exchange, and third-party content.

Flexible investigation and remediation workflows

Act collaboratively across security, HR, and legal teams with integrated workflows to remediate risks while adhering to local employment laws and regulations.

Information Protection and Governance

Understand your data landscape and identify important information across your cloud and on-premises environment. Then, through the use of sensitivity labels linked to protection actions like encryption, you can protect your sensitive data throughout its lifecycle.

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