Our experienced CREST-certified penetration testers run a simulated cyberattack against your computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. These may exist in operating systems, services, application flaws, improper configurations or risky end-user behaviour.

We attempt to breach your security controls and gain unauthorised access to your business data using the same tactics, techniques and procedures a real attacker would.

We offer penetration testing as a service for clients in fast-changing environments.

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Move from “Ransomware Aware” to “Ransomware Ready”

In this webinar see Pentera’s automated pen testing platform in action, including a live demo and the latest use cases.

The Buyer’s Guide To Penetration Testing

Pen testing mimics attacks so you can assess your network and systems security. Our guide sets out the 4 key categories and how to choose the right one.

Why pen testing?

Penetration testing (or pen testing) verifies the ability of a system to protect its networks, applications, endpoints, and users against both internal or external threats. The insights gleaned from the testing enable you to shore up your security strategy and plug any holes in your system.

Assess your risk 

All cybersecurity programmes should be subject to continuous assessment, especially if you are responsible for sensitive data. A pen test will show whether you are protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Needless to say, a data breach is likely to damage your company reputation with a likely loss in customer confidence and, ultimately, revenue. 

Test your infrastructure 

If you have added new technologies, products or services to your existing infrastructure or your organisation has expanded, it’s important to understand how those changes have affected your security. A pen test will help you see holes that need plugging or misaligned security protocols that leave you exposed. 

Build a roadmap of improvements 

Most penetration tests will identify vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Once the test report has been returned, your organisation knows where it needs to improve, and you can build a plan to reduce your levels of risk. 

New business acquisition or merger 

Acquiring a new business often means acquiring a new IT network and assuming new risk. A pen test will quickly identify critical problems that require attention. Further security assessments are also advised before you consider merging systems or transferring data. 

Justify a cybersecurity budget increase 

If you know of flaws in your system that require remediation but are struggling to convince decision-makers of the need for more budget, a pen test provides black-and-white evidence to support your request. It will also help focus spending on the most important issues while opening the door to discussion on less time-critical matters. 

Protect clients, partners and third parties  

Pen testing enhances the level of trust from your current and potential future clients. It proves that you are committed to minimising the risks of a cyberbreach by employing an independent third party to verify your security posture with a pen test. 

Compliance and regulatory requirements 

Penetration testing is a mandatory requirement for organisations needing to prove compliance to regulations such as PCI DSS or ISO 27001. 

Penetration testing services

We investigate your network to identify weaknesses, whether they are on-premises, or in cloud or hybrid environments. We conduct internal tests from within your organisation over local-area network (LAN) or through Wi-Fi networks. Our external tests work from the point of view of a hacker outside your firewall who is seeking access into your business-critical systems and data. 

We test applications such as ecommerce platforms, content management systems (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software. We review the underlying logic, software code and custom functionalities, looking for vulnerabilities including database injections, cross-site scripting and broken authentication. 

We focus on weaknesses with human psychology, trying to obtain sensitive information from users, for example through phishing emails. Having gained safe access to your systems through an unsuspecting employee, our testers attempt to steal credentials and gain access to a user’s computer. 

Unsecured wireless networks can enable attackers to enter your network and steal valuable data. Our wireless penetration testing checks the security of every wireless device in your organisation including tablets, smart phones and laptops. We look for signal leakage, encryption weaknesses and ways to penetrate your system using wireless local-area network (WLAN) access control. 

We scan your systems for vulnerabilities and, for large or very dynamics environments, can extend into either a comprehensive, light-touch on-demand service or continuous security validation.  We use the same attack techniques that a real malicious actor would.

Our crowdsourced testing brings together all pen testing approaches through a smart platform to leverage the best of each modality. The platform coordinates interactions between the penetration tester, scanning technology and compliance so they augment each other to provide a scalable and broad attack surface coverage that is “always on”, in turn offering you the highest-level insights. 

Our penetration testing methodology

1. Scoping: we work with you closely to define the scope of the test.
2. Reconnaissance: we use publicly available information to build intelligence that could be used to compromise your business.
3. Mapping: we conduct a full assessment of your network infrastructure to gain a complete picture of your organisation’s attack surface.
4. Vulnerability analysis: we perform and in-depth audit of applications residing on target hosts to identify security vulnerabilities to exploit. 

5. Service exploitation: we attack vulnerabilities to gain access into your systems and data.
6. Pivoting: we attack further assets by leveraging compromised systems.
7. Clean up: we remove testing data from your systems. 
8. Reporting and debrief: our experts write an in-depth penetration test report with clear recommendations and guidance for remediation, available for delivery in written, virtual or face-to-face formats. 

Penetration testing case study

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Move from “Ransomware Aware” to “Ransomware Ready” - webinar

In this webinar see Pentera’s automated pen testing platform in action, including a live demo and the latest use cases.


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