Many businesses employ a range of cybersecurity solutions but remain unsure how to leverage them effectively. They are aware of potential security gaps and software duplication but are unclear how to set their systems up for optimal protection and efficiency. While there is a good understanding of where to start, internal teams are stretched and project focused, so the task rolls forward.

Comtact’s cybersecurity consultancy provides you with a clear overview of your entire infrastructure. As we build a deep understand of your specific requirements, we make recommendations that are tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your business is secure across the entire attack surface and in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Our consultancy service can provide a step-change for your business on your cloud and IT transformation journey, helping you adapt, mitigate risk and thrive in the evolving threat and compliance landscape.

Why employ a cybersecurity consultancy service?

The growth, scale and complexity of cyberattacks is staggering. The advancement of attack technologies and the rewards on offer for the unscrupulous, mean that many businesses continually remain a step behind the criminals, vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches and with the potential for huge revenue loss and reputational damage. Terms like ransomware, data breaches and business email compromise are becoming common place in the mainstream news, such is their frequency of use.

Many businesses employ a suite of off-the-self security products, believing themselves to be well protected from attacks. But the reality is that a holistic view across the entire infrastructure and attack landscape is needed.  This ensures the solutions in place are working effectively together and are being suitably managed and updated to keep all security gaps plugged.

Many IT teams are under-resourced and over utilised and often lack the broad, in-depth experience to make a fully secure environment a reality. This is further complicated by the business landscape being in a constant state of change. Consider the rapid shift to remote and hybrid working caused by the pandemic, or the impact of acquiring a new business, or the shift to the cloud and the new technologies that accompany digital transformation.

While some IT teams have the required technical expertise, they still value the holistic validation and second opinion that a fresh set of expert eyes can offer.

Why Comtact for cybersecurity consultancy?

Our consultancy covers your entire infrastructure and attack surface. No stone is left unturned. Our clients see a step-change in their security posture through more effective utilisation of existing technologies and the ability to embrace digital transformation and ongoing business change.

We have been helping businesses with IT and cybersecurity transformation for over 15 years. Our consultants and engineers have a breadth of knowledge covering the whole cybersecurity spectrum, giving you access to operational, technical and strategic expertise.

Our options are highly flexible. For some we carry out a one-off professional baseline of policies and technologies. Others require support to build an in-house cybersecurity team and a new way of working, operating as a temporary CISO for a 3-6 month period to set a roadmap for the future. And others ask us to review and re-build their infrastructure and threat response capability from the ground up.

We follow the Comtact Cyber Security Framework in addition to NIST and MITRE ATT&CK frameworks for a thorough investigation of your environment. We map out the threat landscape and identify any potential source of breach, exploit or vulnerability.  Our scanning, configuration information and network mapping tools enable us to enhance this, for a complete and in-depth understanding of your unique situation.

We work with you every step of the way. You’ll find we’re easy to deal with and care deeply to achieve the best possible recommendations for your business. We are keen to educate your employees on the latest industry best practice and thinking so they can run with speed and confidence once any new tools and security practices are deployed.

We agree your project requirements at a high level after an initial scoping of your environment.  We ensure you are comfortable with the steps we will take so you are clear on what to expect and when. We document the key milestones for you and provide clear and easy to follow guidance on how to roll the project outcomes into your business as usual practices once the project is complete.

The severity of our findings are scored based on their likelihood and impact across each key area of our review, giving you an at-a-glance view on where key issues lie to sit alongside our in-depth commentary.

Where possible we simplify your set-up, consolidating your existing tools and reducing complexity. Very often, we find this leads to a reduction in overall cybersecurity cost while increasing cohesion and overall security.

Key use cases

Our most popular solution provides your IT leadership and the wider management team with a comprehensive and independent review of your current cybersecurity position. It gives you immediate areas to address and a comprehensive set of recommendations based on the NIST guidelines.

Obtaining your necessary accreditations can be time consuming, with the volume of documentation that is required. We guide you through this process and help you fast track to a successful outcome. We help you obtain certifications for a wide range of information security-related audits including Cyber Essentials, ISO27001, GDPR and IASME

Organisational information security is dependent on your supply chain, but often resources are stretched to comprehensively understand and review your set-up. We help you to review and validate your current suppliers, especially in areas where IT integrations are taking place or there is a high level of data hosting or sharing. This gives you an independent assessment of risks, with mitigation and remediation advice.

During large transformation project, gaps can often occur as the focus moves away from protection to transformation. Our team can support your plans and implementation strategy during these times, acting as an extension of your team and allowing them to focus on the transformation, while we provide protection. We help ensure your major technology deployments meet all security requirements at every site and every level.

Bringing two companies together with disparate systems and fragmented teams presents a high level of challenge. Receiving accurate audits and documentation from internal teams can be inconsistent, as focus is on change management and consolidation rather than optimising security. Gaps can go unnoticed for years as team detach themselves from the responsibility of owning any issues of acquired infrastructure that was not of their making.

As an in independent partner, we can often establish deeper and more reliable information, without being caught up in the politics of the acquisition, taking full responsibility and ownership for the comprehensive review, as well as offering impartial advice on how to resolve any issues. We unpick the complexities of bringing the IT infrastructure of your two IT companies together, helping you to achieved one seamless and integrated approach.

We build a prioritised roadmap to enable you to increase your security posture while embracing digital and business transformation. This comes in the form of a detailed report and summary of key findings, proportionate recommendations and target outcomes, including a maturity score based on the Capability Maturity Model.

We carry out an enterprise risk and capability assessment using the Comtact governance framework, aligned to the NIST framework. This includes interviews with key stakeholders within each department to understand and validate the current state of governance and risk management arrangements. We review your key documentation and run validation workshops to ensure accuracy in the findings.

What makes Comtact different?

We’re easy to deal with

We’re highly responsive, from your very first enquiry.
We are always here for you (even at 3am) and will work at your pace.

We set you up for success

We get to know you intimately.
We customise to your needs.
We align to your KPIs.
We deliver to your information governance requirements.

We’re vendor independent

We always aim to give you solution choices and can connect suitable vendors under one straightforward agreement with aligned SLA’s.

We’re your guardian angel

We’re watching over you at all times.
We react to incidents at speed.
We’re “always on” and never 9-to-5.

Our expertise is cutting edge

With a breadth of knowledge.
Fully vendor-accredited.
And a passion for cybertech.

We work as family

You’ll know us by name.
An extension of your team.
We care deeply.

Our pricing is transparent

We price-match competitors.
With clear, scalable packages.
And flexible subscriptions.

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