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Whilst most IT teams have fundamental cybersecurity defences in place, it can be difficult covering all of the bases with a budget limited internal team.

There are many areas where a third-party validation just makes more sense.

Comtact’s expert team can help you in both of these areas, by either bolstering your own teams resources or providing you with the peace of mind that an external audit or consultancy service can provide.

Understand your cyber risks

When it comes to securing your environment, Comtact can help you to achieve your business objectives of minimising risk whilst containing cost. Maybe you are looking for a comprehensive security assessment, identifying critical issues and applying best practices to help you defend against threats? Or perhaps it’s a third party penetration test or Cyber Essentials Plus review to help you understand your current security posture? Wherever you are on your cyber maturity curve, we can assist.

Build a secure foundation

Our team of cyber consultants and architects can work with you to provide security benchmarking, using industry approved security frameworks, giving you an accurate picture of where you are today. Your security baseline is then overlaid onto a security roadmap, providing you with a path and action plan to achieve your required cyber security benchmark. This roadmap is designed by combining your business needs, with the threat level of your industry and best practice advice from leading consultants and agencies.

Secure remote workforces

In a work-from-anywhere world, network perimeters are no longer clearly defined. We have expertise in helping organisations solve the security issues that inevitably arise with a remote workforce. We’ll implement a modern, zero-trust security model to secure your devices, applications, and data — no matter where your teams are located.

Our team of security experts can help you to;

  • Benchmark your existing security position
  • Develop a security roadmap that achieves organisational
    security objectives
  • Architect your security from the inside out
  • Measurably improve the security posture of your infrastructure
  • Ensure that your security software applications remain best in class
  • Reduce your attack surface
  • Rapidly identify and remove technical vulnerabilities
  • Provide an overlay SOC team to monitor and manage your security 24×7

Learn more about our assessments and services

Our range of cybersecurity assessments help to understand your current security baseline, test your perimeters and support you in achieving your security accreditations. Add additional services and managed solutions to help bolster your in house team or to run true 24×7 Security Operations.

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