Comtact’s advanced endpoint protection and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions leverage machine learning, AI and expert human analysis to proactively resolve threats in real-time.

We do the groundwork up front to position a solution that enables your users to remain productive and connected while stopping zero-day malware, like ransomware, before the first endpoint can be infected.

We can help detect and mitigate attacks at speed and addresses the weaknesses commonly seen in traditional siloed approaches.

Our partners include class leaders such as SentinelOne, Microsoft and Cynet.

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Why advanced endpoint protection?

Desktops, laptops and wireless devices are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals seeking to exploit potential weaknesses created by the fluid nature of modern networks. With more people working remotely than ever before, the endpoint can be a key weak link in an organisation’s security defences. Endpoints are responsible for 70% of all cybersecurity breaches, with 94% of malware still delivered via email.

Traditional approaches to endpoint protection such as antivirus, anti-spam and web filtering have not kept pace with the growing range and sophistication of attacks and the scope of continuously evolving challenges. These include:

Multiple attack vectors that are increasingly difficult to detect, including memory-based malware, exploits and insider attacks. 

Increased usage of software-as-a-service (SaaS) programs resulting in more open and unmonitored ports across the network. 

Manual searches through an expanding range of data sources without sufficient context or correlation. 

A high level of alert fatigue resulting from a weak signal to noise ratio. 

Lack of visibility across critical control points. 

In this context, the need has grown for more advanced endpoint solutions to detect and analyse attacks faster, and to block and contain them while in progress.

Why Comtact for endpoint protection?

Comtact addresses the complexity of endpoint security and protection challenges through a deep understanding of your current technology stack and environment. This enables us to build a bespoke solution tailored to your specific needs, leveraging partner technologies, including SentinelOne, Microsoft and Cynet. We provide real-time automated threat protection managed by our team of highly qualified technical experts.

Dedicated teams 

The most common problem organisations face is the lack of in-house skills or resources to suitably use or maintain the solution they have bought. At Comtact, we deliver dedicated teams of endpoint specialists to provide round-the-clock endpoint security management for our clients. 

Customised solutions 

Each client’s needs are different, so we create bespoke endpoint protection solutions to meet their specific needs. Our teams leverage the maximum value from the chosen solution by a process of continuous improvement based on context-rich insights. 

Future-proofed approaches 

In a world of continually evolving cyberthreats, our endpoint protection solutions are future-proofed as we push the boundaries of the technologies we deploy and manage. The training and accreditations for our in-house experts are fully comprehensive and continually updated. We look out for what’s around the corner, so you don’t have to. 


From rapid growth to restructuring, your security needs will change as your organisation does. We help clients implement endpoint solutions that can be rapidly scaled as their requirements change, without large up-front investments in human resources or technology.  

Value for money 

By reducing the burden on in-house teams and increasing productivity, we allow organisations to allocate resources more effectively to their core business while ensuring the security of their endpoint activity.  

Key services and benefits

We use cutting-edge in-house tools to leverage the industry-leading capabilities of the platforms we deploy. Our cloud-based approach provides protection across all locations and devices, harnessing machine learning and intelligent automation to identify atypical behaviour and trigger the alert process.

Through our integrated approach, we offer the most comprehensive, scalable and effective endpoint protection solution available on the market today with a range of features and related benefits.

What makes Comtact different?

We’re easy to deal with

We’re highly responsive, from your very first enquiry.
We are always here for you (even at 3am) and will work at your pace.

We set you up for success

We get to know you intimately.
We customise to your needs.
We align to your KPIs.
We deliver to your information governance requirements.

We’re vendor independent

We always aim to give you solution choices and can connect suitable vendors under one straightforward agreement with aligned SLA’s.

We’re your guardian angel

We’re watching over you at all times.
We react to incidents at speed.
We’re “always on” and never 9-to-5.

Our expertise is cutting edge

With a breadth of knowledge.
Fully vendor-accredited.
And a passion for cybertech.

We work as family

You’ll know us by name.
An extension of your team.
We care deeply.

Our pricing is transparent

We price-match competitors.
With clear, scalable packages.
And flexible subscriptions.

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