Microsoft Partner Upgrade Programme

Demand more from your Microsoft partner.

Microsoft 365 offers the ultimate end-to-end business email, collaboration and communication platform that works seamlessly with millions of other applications and services, Comtact wraps up all these services with our UK based 24×7 support team to bundle a solution that works for any company size or budget.

Demand more.

We ensure that the correct Microsoft 365 licenses and applications are deployed throughout businesses around the world, reducing overheads and simplifying requirements. Comtact offers a constant high level of support and innovation to our customers helping organisations grow and navigate any situation.

A cybersecurity focus

With cybersecurity being at the heart of our company we strive to ensure our customers services are setup correctly to Microsoft’s best practices and to abide multiple governing bodies such as PCI and ISO. Maintaining a good security posture allows our customers the peace of mind that they aren’t going to be facing the next big breach.

Microsoft Partner Upgrade Programme at-a-glance

Every organisation is different. While some companies may require a fixed focus on audits, reviews and reports, others will want to use their resources to explore additional innovative solutions to their current infrastructure.

With the Microsoft Partner Upgrade Programme you have access to a wide range of value-added features which you can either receive as bundle, or you can pick and choose the ones individual to you and your organisation’s needs.

Value-added features include…

  • A bundled service as part of transferring your licence to us.
  • A free audit to ensure every customer’s licence is fully optimised.
  • A cloud readiness survey in their bundle.
  • A cloud architecture conversation with Comtact’s Lead Cloud Architect.
  • A free demonstration or ‘how to us’ workshop with Comtact’s expert Technical Lead.
  • Quarterly Microsoft updates from a dedicated account manager, including information on any new features that are available, as well as analysis on which areas could be further utilised.
  • Inclusive helpdesk services, 1 hour per month to assist with Microsoft specific issues.
  • A security review and report of your Office 365 estate to ensure it’s setup correctly and within Microsoft and our best practices to help comply with GDPR, ISO, and PCI compliances.
  • Security awareness training with UK leading phishing experts, KnowBe4.
  • The management of additional features such as email signature, with the use of Exclaimer and Office 365 / Teams / Sharepoint, and backups using Veeam.
  • Extended spam filtering using a 3rd party programme, wrapped into your value-added licensing bundle.
  • Migrate out-of-date, on-prem exchange servers, or other email services such as gmail, onto Office 365.

Why Comtact?

We are a UK based, 24×7 support service, with engineers and analysts at hand 365 days of the year for any type of issue or question.

Feedback from some of our latest clients have shown us that many customers are moving from one Microsoft partner to another due to fact that support levels aren’t up to expectations. Some Microsoft partners have been unable to scale up to meet the growing demand remote working has placed on many companies – organisations simply can’t see the value in these partnerships.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have access to in-house resources, dedicated to supporting the scale up of infrastructures on a global basis. Our 24/7 support services and first name approach means you have access to a partner that will grow with you, adding value where you need it most, at the heart of your business.

Gold Microsoft Partner

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