Comtact takes network detection and response (NDR) to the next level through sophisticated behavioural analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

These cutting-edge approaches enable us to detect and respond to network attacks with unrivalled speed, with a combination of automated and manual techniques carried out by our experienced team.

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Why NDR?

Networks are becoming more complex and widely distributed, so full visibility is more critical than ever to detect and stop threats before they become a breach. Many breaches are preventable if the security teams have a solution in place to detect and respond to network-borne threats.

NDR solutions support rapid investigation, internal visibility, intelligent response and enhanced threat detection across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.

Detecting attacks at the network layer works so well because it’s extremely difficult for threat actors to hide their activity. Emerging threats are designed to evade security tools traditionally used to identify suspicious behaviours that indicate an infrastructure compromise or breach.

But while threat actors might switch off or evade endpoint or log data, they can’t tamper with network information, and they have no way of knowing if they’re being observed. Any device that communicates across the network can be immediately discovered.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions alone are not enough to protect the enterprise, with networks becoming an increasingly valuable target for sophisticated adversaries.

Beyond detecting and remediating threats, NDR tools can collect and store full packet capture data. This packet data is critically important for digital forensics purposes. An NDR platform eliminates the need for collecting packet capture data through other methods, making this one less forensic task a security team needs to concern itself with.

Why Comtact for NDR?

Comtact delivers a fully managed NDR service to protect users and hosts across the entire network. We partner with Vectra to leverage their world-leading AI-powered Cognito platform. This helps us to predict, prevent, detect and respond to network threats more efficiently and within faster timeframes than more traditional network monitoring approaches.

Complete protection 

Because cyberattacks come from a range of diverse entry points, we provide a single, unified platform to cover all network vulnerabilities including clouds, data centres, enterprise networks and internet-of-things (IoT) devices. This provides full visibility across all ports and protocols in real time. 

Early detection 

Speed is at the heart of our offering. We automate labour-intensive threat hunting and detection and prioritise the highest risks, so our analysts receive only the most relevant information to take fast and decisive action. 

Behaviour-based threat intelligence 

Responding to changing attack behaviours, our platform uses algorithmic models to analyse the widest range of current and emerging threats. Deployed and fine-tuned by our security engineers, this behaviour-based approach ensures faster prediction, prevention, detection and response to cyberthreats. 

Full system integration 

We make sure to complement existing solutions you already have in place, including your security operations centre (SOC), security information and event management (SIEM), security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) or EDR platforms. 

Customised solutions 

NDR with Comtact is never “one size fits all”. We create bespoke solutions for your specific environment and work closely with you to ensure success. 

Actionable information 

We create actionable security insights and recommendations based around your unique threat environment. 

Reduced burden on in-house teams 

Our team monitors and manages your cybersecurity 24x7x365 so you don’t have to. By taking away the administrative burden, we make it easier for you to focus on your core activities. 

Save time and pay-as-you-go 

NDR with Comtact can be deployed rapidly and the Comtact service is delivered in an affordable and pay-as-you-go pricing model. Our solution can also be rapidly scaled to meet your changing organisational needs.  

Ensure compliance 

With full visibility across the entire network, NDR provides an effective route to compliance with frameworks such as GDPR, NIS Directive, PCI DSS and ISO 27001.  

Key services and benefits

Our five core approaches to network detection 

We enable the timely discovery of cybersecurity events with prioritisation to ensure resource is effectively allocated. Our process of detection, triage and prioritisation is key to control attacks quickly. Our five core approaches underpin this.

We continuously update our threat modelling to optimise against the latest adversary behaviours. 

We correlate suspicious internal activity with known external threats. 

We identify compromised workloads and devices to map attacker movements. 

We provide the context on what has occurred to learn and define the most effective and actionable responses. 

We uncover threats even when they bypass established defences or find new entry points.

Our five core approaches to network response 

We leverage both automated and manual response techniques. Our detection tools enable us to isolate compromised endpoints automatically, with our experts hunting and investigating more complex and targeted attacks. We follow five core detection approaches.

The Vectra Cognito platform provides easy-to-search data so our analysts can find and interpret data at speed to gain context around an incident and ensure rapid response. 

Equipped with contextual information and data-visualisation tools, we leverage the Vectra AI platform to identify patterns and correlate events from the network noise. 

With advanced machine learning improving the fidelity of intelligence feeds, our analysts are able to direct their threat hunting with high levels of accuracy. 

With immediate access to data from multiple sources, our analysts can pivot at speed and make rapid, informed investigative conclusions. 

Comtact NDR allows for integration of response capabilities across the existing security infrastructure to improve speed of response. 

What makes Comtact different?

We’re easy to deal with

We’re highly responsive, from your very first enquiry.
We are always here for you (even at 3am) and will work at your pace.

We set you up for success

We get to know you intimately.
We customise to your needs.
We align to your KPIs.
We deliver to your information governance requirements.

We’re vendor independent

We always aim to give you solution choices and can connect suitable vendors under one straightforward agreement with aligned SLA’s.

We’re your guardian angel

We’re watching over you at all times.
We react to incidents at speed.
We’re “always on” and never 9-to-5.

Our expertise is cutting edge

With a breadth of knowledge.
Fully vendor-accredited.
And a passion for cybertech.

We work as family

You’ll know us by name.
An extension of your team.
We care deeply.

Our pricing is transparent

We price-match competitors.
With clear, scalable packages.
And flexible subscriptions.

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