Okta is the most complete access management platform for your workforce and customers. Secure all your critical resources, with federated and privileged identity management, from cloud to ground.

Workforce Identity

Enterprise identity for a new way of work.

Protect and enable your workforce – employees, contractors, and partners – to use any technology on any device, whether they’re remote or in the office.

Okta tackles your most pressing IT initiatives

Securely Enable Remote Work

An increasing number of organisations are supporting distributed remote teams. Enable productive without compromising on security to power long-term business agility.

Adopt a Zero Trust Security Model

The traditional network perimeter has dissolved. People are now the single control point across users, devices and networks – so make sure you give the right people access to your resources.

Move to the Cloud

As you move to the cloud, unify access to both on-premises and cloud resources, consolidate identities, and ensure only the right people access your resources.

Reduce IT Friction

As your business grows, you need to securely manage access to apps and services, increase IT efficiencies to minimise costs, and automate user access.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Attracting customers and maximising their lifetime value depends on meeting the high expectations for technologically advanced, frictionless, omni-channel, and personalised digital experiences.

Modernise Infrastructure

As organisations continue to move into the cloud, they face significant technical debt as they attempt to migrate from burdensome legacy systems.

Cultivate User Trust

Protecting user trust is imperative for the bottom line. How can you gain trust when customer accounts are under constant threats and hackers often compromise personal data?

Transform Into a Digital Platform

Organisations undervalue security at the beginning of an API lifecycle and risk breaking changes and downtime if they add it later.

Why Comtact for Okta

Top Tier Partnership

Okta are a dedicated, emerging partner

In House 24/7 Support

Certified engineers working 24x7x365

Managed Deployment

Extensive experience in global roll outs for clients

Trusted Client Installs

Our team has successfully rolled out complex projects to some of the UK’s largest brands

Accredited Technical Partner

Our team holds the highest technical accreditations in Okta


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