Azure Sentinel SOC & MDR

Our clients say it's UK’s most advanced 24x7 Microsoft Sentinel based SOC service. We call it the Cyber Defence Centre (CDC).

A Complete SOC Service

A comprehensive suite of technologies combined with Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel and a 24×7 monitoring and response from our expert SOC team based in Milton Keynes; empowered by our Microsoft Gold Partner status, Azure Experts and 15 years in cybersecurity to give you complete peace of mind.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel log sources are ingested free of charge and overall consumption is charged monthly meaning that you only pay for what you use without a prohibitive upfront cost. Comtact’s SOC team will monitor your environment 24/7, identifying suspicious activity and leveraging Microsoft’s strength in AI and ML to mitigate threats.

Security information event management (SIEM)

Focusing on mid-market clients where internal resources are stretched, budgets are being cut yet improving security is a business priority, Comtact’s SOC CDC delivers excellent SIEM monitoring services at a price point never previously available.

Security orchestration automated response (SOAR)

Azure Sentinel’s SOAR solution provides a highly-extensible architecture that enables scalable automation to spot threats as they emerge. This allows our SOC team to identify threats faster and cut resolution times by nearly 50%. With more than 200 connectors it can take feeds from nearly all of the cybersecurity platform vendors, providing you with that single pane of glass across your estate

Connect to your entire estate

To on-board Azure Sentinel, you first need to connect to your security sources. Azure Sentinel comes with numerous connectors for Microsoft solutions, providing real-time integration, including Microsoft 365 Defender solutions, Office 365, Azure AD, Microsoft Defender for Identity, and Microsoft Cloud App Security.

In addition to the core managed SIEM service, CDC SOC Service integrates market leading technology vendors to enrich the protection of your business and reduce costs:

Endpoint Protection/Endpoint Detection & Response

Comtact’s CDC integrates information from your endpoint estate, providing the deepest visibility possible. With strategic relationships including SentinelOne – one of the world’s leading EDR providers – Comtact’s CDC team will deliver coverage, visibility, and actionable intelligence to protect your organisation 24/7.

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Often under-resourced security teams do not have the time to continuously probe for vulnerabilities and produce actionable remediation information. To overcome this challenge, Comtact delivers Continuous Vulnerability Scanning as part of the Cyber Defence Centre SOC service. You can rest-assured knowing that your environment is constantly being scanned, freeing internal resource to focus on more productive tasks.

Why Comtact?

24/7, UK based, experienced SOC team

A comprehensive solutions including MDR, XDR and vulnerability assessment

15 years experience in cybersecurity

CREST and Government approved provider

Microsoft Gold Partner with Microsoft certified Azure experts

Experience you can trust

Comtact has over 15 years’ experience in providing managed services for some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Clients depend on Comtact’s advanced skills and deep experience in the world of technology and cybersecurity to ensure that their organisations remain at the forefront of UK business. Based in our Milton Keynes, UK HQ, our expert team is ready to assist you 24/7.

Golden Promise

Comtact is a leading UK based Microsoft Gold partner specialising in cloud and security. Our extensive knowledge of Microsoft, Azure and Azure Sentinel means that you can benefit from the latest technical advances as soon as they become available. This frequently means our clients experience significant productivity gains and cost savings.

Gold Microsoft Partner

The benefits of the CDC SOC Service

The CDC SOC implements a three-tiered approach to ensure coverage for high and low-fidelity alerts and to identify unknown threats through hunts in your environment. Together, the Managed Detection and Response SOC teams combined with our highly trained and certified analysts to vigilantly maintain your network, 24x7x365, from alert validation through to in-depth forensics and malware analysis of your network and users.

Expert security analysts dedicated to detecting and responding to alerts within your environment

User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA), to pinpoint unknown and insider threats

Consistent Global Threat Intelligence, including threat indicator management

Halo Dashboard for Health, Incident and High-Level Monitoring

ISO 27001 assessed and Government approved service provider

“The fact that Sentinel has jumped to the front of the Forester Wave within its first year is exceptional, although not surprising to our SecOps team. By leveraging its incredibly powerful Artificial Intelligence, we’ve cut customer incident resolution times by nearly 50%.”

Dominic List

CEO and Founder, Comtact Ltd.

Managed Security Services are delivered through our innovative customer platform, Halo.

Halo enables our customers to have full visibility of all security incidents and investigations, including access to all analyst comments and evidence packages, as well as unified reporting dashboard to monitor all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Halo also allows you to easily log and view tickets in progress.


SentinelOne is the market leading provider of Endpoint Detection and Protection software which integrates seamlessly into the CDC SOC service. With phishing identified as the most prevalent attack vector for malicious threat actors, monitoring and protecting the Endpoint is a vital component in an organisation’s cyber defence. SentinelOne works with the Microsoft SIEM to provide actionable intelligence which the CDC SOC team will act upon.

And so much more…

What the customer says...

“We had some urgency around our security. I picked the phone up and there was a team on the line, with two people at my data centre within hours.”

Justin De Vally
Director of IT, Elysium Healthcare

I have a SIEM; why should I consider CDC?

SIEM solutions have traditionally been costly and require a significant level of monitoring/tuning. CDC combines Comtact’s expert 24/7 service desk with the latest technology, providing you with the best cyber coverage at a lower cost than traditional solutions.

How does Microsoft Azure Sentinel make a difference to me?

Microsoft Azure Sentinel is the world’s first cloud native SIEM which powers Comtact’s CDC. There are no up-front costs and log consumption is calculated monthly, meaning you only pay for what you consume. Microsoft Office 365 and Azure logs are consumed free-of-charge, plus you benefit from Microsoft’s massive investment in AI and automation. Our aim is to give you the latest technology and best service at an unbeatable price.


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