Our award winning Security Operations Centre is your first line of defence in the war against cyber attacks. Our SOC is a powerful mix of Microsoft Azure Sentinel and a suite of industry-leading defence and orchestration tools.  Our highly trained and expert team identify threats and respond to incidents rapidly. Our SOC delivers full visibility across your entire estate and is highly customisable to your needs, working as a true partnership with your team. We work expertly and tirelessly to defend your reputation and protect your assets.

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The Comtact Guide to Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel is a game changer in the SIEM market. Our guide explains the power of the solution at the core of our CDC.

5 Essential Questions To Ask When Choosing a SOC Provider

How do you select the right SOC provider for your business? Our guide lays out the key questions to ask.

Why managed SOC?

With the rapid pace of digital transformation and the exponential increase in cybercrime, many organisations are turning to specialist SOC providers to help them monitor, detect, prevent, analyse and respond to current and future cybersecurity challenges. The key drivers for this shift are: 

The ongoing cybersecurity skills shortage means that many organisations struggle to attract and retain skilled security personnel. Partnering with a managed SOC provider means an organisation can supplement and fill gaps in its existing security team.

Security monitoring tools are difficult to configure and monitor correctly and visibility across business networks is becoming ever more complex.  Too much noise can soon overwhelm security teams when not tuned and optimised for the environment, resulting in missed attacks.

Deploying, maintaining and operating a SOC in-house is expensive. With a managed SOCboth the capital and operational expenditure are reduced. 

Network weak points and the number of insecure devices have grown exponentially as a result of increased home working. 

Organisations need to meet continually changing data protection regulations or to demonstrate cybersecurity compliance to clients and auditors. 

The threat intelligence gained by an individual organisation is limited. A SOC provider sees threat activity across a multitude of client environments, so intelligence is shared and used for the benefit of all. 

Why Cyber Defence Centre?

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner 

Comtact is the UK’s premier Microsoft Azure Sentinel partner. We have a single platform focus so our expertise is second to none. Azure Sentinel is the new class-leading security information and event management (SIEM) tool from Microsoft. 

Cloud-native solution 

Unlike many Security Operations Centre solutions, the CDC is fully cloud-native in design, structure and functionality. This gives us greater speed and scope to collect data and monitor across the full range of users, devices and applications.

Industry-leading technologies 

We integrate best-in-class technologies into our SOC solution from the likes of SentinelOne, Zscaler and Fortinet. We don’t just take products off the shelf but select the right tools for your business and fuse them together to go way beyond out-of-the-box capabilities.

Dedicated team 

Our experts manage all aspects of threat prevention, detection, analysis and response. We establish clear and strong lines of communication to act as an extension of your in-house team. Through continuous measuring against strict performance criteria, we ensure the highest levels of service are maintained over the long term. 

24x7x365 service 

Many competitors pay lip service to “24x7x365”. We live and breathe it. If an incident occurs, it will be investigated immediately by our team, who will initiate rapid-response escalation procedures and a war room for threat neutralisation and isolation. 

Complete visibility 

Our SOC provides comprehensive visibility of threats covering your entire IT infrastructure, offering protection across multiple attack services from within a single, fully managed platform.

Enhanced productivity 

By taking away the burden of day-to-day security management from your in-house teams, they can focus more effectively on their core objectives.  


CDC is a flexible solution that can easily be scaled and adjusted in line with your changing business needs and the ever-evolving demands of the cybersecurity landscape. 

Reduce your costs and make them predictable  

CDC works on a flexible consumption-based pay-monthly subscription model, so you don’t pay for any unused capacity. You no longer need to make significant up-front investments in technology, training or resources, and the pricing plan is clear, simple and with nothing hidden. 

Ensure compliance 

We are fully compliant with ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus and work with you to ensure compliance with all of your industry and business requirements. 

Inclusive threat hunting 

Our SOC includes ongoing, proactive threat hunting which many competitors charge for. We proactively search for cyber threats that lay undetected within your network that could be actively stealing data from right under your nose. This threat hunting service shines a light on undetected attacks allowing for a faster response.

Service reviews 

Customer service reviews are regularly carried out to monitor both contract and technology performance. We run a Continuous Service Improvement Plan on all our contracts to ensure you are getting the best out of the solution and we are keeping up with your business requirements. 

Key managed SOC services

Why Microsoft Azure Sentinel?

SIEM solutions built for yesterday’s environments struggle to keep pace with today’s challenges, let alone tomorrow’s unimagined risks. Costly to operate and slow to scale, resource-heavy SIEM infrastructure and tools can easily become obstacles to digital transformation, unable to handle the ever-growing volumes of data, with alert fatigue reaching all-time highs.   

Microsoft employs over 3,500 security experts globally and invests over $1bn in cybersecurity each year to keep Azure Sentinel evolving as the class-leading SIEM solution. 

Azure Sentinel is cloud native, processing trillions of diverse signals for unparalleled intelligence, without the need for infrastructure and management complexity. 

Azure Sentinel is at the heart of our SOC with Comtact’ s experts leveraging it to support our 4 key pillars of security operations:


data at scale—across all users, devices, applications and infrastructure, both on premises and in multiple clouds.


previously uncovered threats and minimise false positives using analytics and unparalleled threat intelligence from Microsoft.


threats with AI and proactively hunt suspicious activities at scale, leveraging billions of dollars of investment by Microsoft.


to incidents rapidly with builtin orchestration and automation of common tasks.

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What makes Comtact different?

We’re easy to deal with

We’re highly responsive, from your very first enquiry.
We are always here for you (even at 3am) and will work at your pace.

We set you up for success

We get to know you intimately.
We customise to your needs.
We align to your KPIs.
We deliver to your information governance requirements.

We’re vendor independent

We always aim to give you solution choices and can connect suitable vendors under one straightforward agreement with aligned SLA’s.

We’re your guardian angel

We’re watching over you at all times.
We react to incidents at speed.
We’re “always on” and never 9-to-5.

Our expertise is cutting edge

With a breadth of knowledge.
Fully vendor-accredited.
And a passion for cybertech.

We work as family

You’ll know us by name.
An extension of your team.
We care deeply.

Our pricing is transparent

We price-match competitors.
With clear, scalable packages.
And flexible subscriptions.

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