Vectra AI

Protecting cloud users and data across the entire network with expanded cloud services.

Why Now?

Attackers could already be inside your cloud, data centre, IoT and enterprise. In order to detect and stop these threats before they cause damage, you need to invest in Network Detection and Response (NDR).

The network is the single biggest gain in threat visibility.

Why NDR?

NDR is the fastest and most efficient way to find threats in your cloud, data centre, enterprise network, and IoT devices. It saves valuable time by automatically analysing users, devices and their traffic, and prioritising alerts.

Why Vectra?

We have developed an AI-driven cybersecurity platform that detects attacker behaviours to protect your hosts and users from being compromised, regardless of location.  Unlike other solutions, Vectra Cognito provides high fidelity alerts instead of more noise, and does not decrypt your data so you can be secure and maintain privacy.

Why Comtact for Vectra

Top Tier Partnership

As a standing partner of Vectra, our customers have access to next-generation software at affordable prices

In House 24/7 Support

Experienced engineers working 24x7x365

Managed Deployment

Extensive experience in global roll outs for clients

Trusted Client Installs

Our team has successfully rolled out complex projects to some of the UK’s largest brands

Accredited Technical Partner

Our team holds the highest technical accreditations in Vectra


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