Vulnerability Management as a Service

Overcome the challenges of competing priorities and scarce resources. Remediate against vulnerabilities with Comtacts VMaaS Program.

Comtact’s vulnerability management as a service (VMaaS) provides clarity and purpose through continuous monitoring for a data-driven approach to identify, prioritise, and remediate against vulnerabilities. This is done to effectively close an attacker’s window of opportunity. While organisations can implement vulnerability management wholly in-house, leveraging a third party like Comtact can provide the additional resources and rigor in the face of competing priorities.

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

We combine best-in-class tools with proven expertise to facilitate an organised and deliberate approach.

  • Architect, implement, and manage a robust scanning platform
  • Conduct regular comprehensive network scans and system audits with expert analysis
  • Identify and categorise relevant assets ranked according to risk value
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities and prioritise remediation and mitigation
  • Encompass all possible sources of vulnerability, including network devices, endpoints, servers, databases, and other assets in on-premise, cloud, and work-from-home environments.

Get more out of your vulnerability management

More Rigor

Internal and/or external IP scanning.

Benchmark your program against your peers to continually improve performance standards.

More Relevance

Meaningful prioritisation weighted by device criticality. User-friendly, interactive dashboards that make it easy to understand and take action.

More Responsiveness

Get actionable intelligence from regular reviews conducted by your dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM).

Weekly, monthly, or quarterly scanning.

Download our Vulnerability Scan Sample Report

Take a look at a sample report to understand the approach, critical security intelligence and actionable steps with our vulnerability scans.

What will a Vulnerability Scan do?

  • Identify unpatched security updates, open ports, unsupported software etc.
  • Establish a security baseline.
  • Help you answer the question, “what is the state of my security?”
  • Provide an easy-to-digest breakdown of your security vulnerabilities.
  • Set prioritised actions, based on risk and importance.

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