How We Work

From the moment you become a client of Comtact, we work tirelessly and relentlessly to meet your business needs.

We use a proven process to ensure we set you up for success from the outset.

We continue to optimise and develop our services during the lifetime of our relationship according to your evolving needs.

Our 7-step framework for client success

We set you up with dedicated points of contact, so you have easy and direct access to your analyst, technical security engineer, project manager and account manager. You will know them by name and will see them as an extension of your team from the outset. Our clients regularly praise our responsiveness to their enquiries and needs – a key reason why our customer churn is almost non-existent.

We will agree your project requirements at a high level after an initial scoping of your environment. We will ensure you are comfortable with the steps we will take so you are crystal clear on what to expect and when. We will document the key milestones for you and cover how we will roll the project outcomes into your business-as-usual practices once the project is complete.

Your assigned engineer will conduct a thorough investigation of your environment to map out the threat landscape, identifying any potential source of breach, exploit or vulnerability. Our scanning, configuration information and network mapping tools will enable us to enhance this further to give us a complete and in-depth understanding of your unique situation.

From here we will build a tailored solution to meet your precise requirements, with your input throughout. We leverage our relationships with a wide range of industry-leading partners to select the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for you. We connect these with our own proprietary technologies to deliver a best-in-class and fully integrated solution bespoked to your unique needs.

With the solution approved by you, your assigned project manager will produce a detailed implementation plan to ensure the work is delivered seamlessly.

The depth of knowledge and expertise of our team, as well as our close relationships and accreditations with partners, ensure the implementation of the solution runs as smoothly as possible. Our adaptability and focus during execution ensure that any unexpected issues are resolved effectively and at speed.

With the solution in place, we implement our tried and tested baselining methodology. This involves several phases of “soak-testing”, with any required adjustments taking place after each phase.  We also seek your input to understand your “normal” behaviour and standard practice, enabling us to tune the solution for optimal success from the outset.

This tuning continues throughout our relationship – we pride ourselves on never sitting still and working tirelessly to keep the solution up to date and optimally set-up to protect your environment.

With the project fully operational, our agreed managed services will take full effect. This covers six key aspects.

We ingest telemetry from your entire network and endpoints to give us full visibility of threats as they develop, including those that have bypassed your existing preventative security controls. We utilise algorithms and automation as well a proactive human approach to hunt for more hidden and advanced threats, enabling us to triage, analyse and investigate effectively and at speed 24x7x365. 

When alerts are triggered, our analysts triage to identify priority incidents to raise with your security team. We use threat intelligence and advanced data analytics to know when a security incident could have a material impact. 

Once prioritised, we analyse the alert to eliminate false positives and determine the required security measures. This is partly through intelligence gathered from automated sandboxing and behavioural analysis techniques; however, it also relies on the human expertise of our analysts to establish the veracity, scope and implications of an attack. 

The analysis and investigation phases provide us with the context to determine the form of response required. This can take many forms to return the system to a known good state, such as requiring an endpoint to be removedWe advise and guide on the key steps to take to contain the threats before damage can be caused. 

We use our findings to cover off the attack vectors used in any breach. This is a constant learning process we call blackbox thinking. Our data gathering and learning approach is modelled on the development processes deployed by airlines, where safety failures are simply not an option. 

Taking the lessons learnt, we redesign your systems, technology and processes to ensure your cybersecurity and information governance are optimally secure and protected from the latest threats. 

We ensure we remain at the cutting-edge of technological development, industry accreditations and way-of-working best practices. We utilise all available intelligence on security threats to ensure our processes are aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework. This enables us to continually improve the security of your environment with constant reviews of the threat landscape, highlighting the most vulnerable areas and advising on how best to bolster your security.

We work around your needs to ensure the right people within your business receive the appropriate level of information. We run monthly service reviews to highlight the most frequent threats and events. We also run quarterly business reviews to demonstrate how we have secured your environment, stopped threats, and adapted our processes to be in line with your needs. We ensure cost analytics are available on request or built into your bespoke reporting schedule to give you full budget transparency.